Busbar systems

The bar line is a package of power conductors placed in a metal box, where there are sockets for connecting equipment and fuses. Slatted lines can be installed on the ceiling, floor and wall. A distinction is made between trunk and distribution lines. We offer innovative and competitive solutions that enable better distribution and transportation of electricity to all types of customers and markets.

Advantages of busbar lines compared to cable lines:

  • Space saving
  • Quick installation
  • Material savings
  • Easy to relocate
  • Unique design provides neat, attractive alternative to cable
  • Flexible and easy to install

We offer EAE Electric busbars:

  • Variety of busbar systems, 25 – 6300 A
  • Verified by testing according to IEC 61439-6
  • Complete product range in Copper and Aluminum
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Wide range of feed and tap-off units
  • Busbars apply IP55 and IP68
  • Tested Fire barriers
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Worldwide references for busbar applications

The main products are:

  • E-Line KY-S busbars for lighting busbars
  • E-Line KX busbars system for transport and distribution systems
  • E-Line KO-II busbars system for power distribution
  • E-Line CCR busbars system for IP68
  • E-Line KO-II and E-Line KX busbars system for vertical solutions